Join me on this 4-week journey to demystify women's cyclical nature and learn practical and ancient tools to read, interpret, and use your body's compass to optimize your life. It goes far beyond the menstrual cycle to provide insights and education on how to connect after menopause.

I am very excited to share this knowledge with you because the information I will pass to you during these 4 weeks has deeply transformed my life and my relationship with my body. I have always been interested in spirituality and the environment, but I felt disconnected from my body. Like most women from Western cultures, I had my fair share of disliking, rejecting, and disassociating from my body for a large part of adulthood. Despite the training in Shamanic practices that brought me closer to natural cycles, I only noticed that something was missing in my late 30s. After training in a more feminine form of spirituality, finally, everything started to make sense to me.

What is The Wisdom of the Cycles course?


Together, during this 4-week online journey, we will learn about and experience a different aspect of the moon, its archetype, and equivalent energy through changing natural cycles. You will be supported by a shamanic practitioner with an abundance of training and life experience, who is also a mother and someone who has transformed her relationship with her body. Additionally, you will be connected to an online community that will be journeying with you. During these 4 weeks, I will share with you the tools that have empowered me to an awakening of my power. ​

Join me if you are ready to learn a new way to live, to manifest what you want, and to navigate with ease as you grow throughout your life. You already have everything you need to become the creator of your life; I am simply here to give you the information that is your birthright and that you deserve to access your potential!  


Included in the registration fee is: four 1.5-hour long zoom meetings, initial reading material that accompanies the course, practices and notes every week, and the two Full Moon or New Moon ceremonies that happen during the course.

Course Dates

The next course will be:

New Moon             21st June, Sun

Waxing Moon        28th June, Sun

Full Moon               5th July, Sun

Waning Moon        13th July, Sun

Zoom calls are from 8 pm to 9:30 pm BST / 3 pm to 4:30 pm EST

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