Gift a Membership to Moon Ceremonies

When, this year, we were asked to stay home and avoid physical contact, that was the time we needed to gather and connect the most.

I have been offering online Moon Ceremonies since April, and they have been a place of healing and growth for many. Recently, our Full and Dark moon are attracting more than 50 registrants, and it would be so loving to share this self-care practice with someone you care about.

There is much wisdom in the cycles, and by observing them, and we can draw wisdom to learn about and heal ourselves continuously. Full information about the events and upcoming online moon ceremonies. here.

Give a gift with meaning 

Show how much you care for a woman in your life by gifting her with a membership to join two moon ceremonies per month, for a quarter. Membership gives access to event recordings, so she can join it when it works for her. 

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