Moon Cycle and Info

I have been following the Moon Cycles as a transformative practice for years, and I've also witnessed the positive impact on many people's lives as they access the moon's energies. There is so much wisdom in the cycles, and by observing them, and we can transform and heal ourselves continuously. 

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Nov Moon Phases


Dark Moon         - 14/Nov   

New Moon         - 15/Nov   1:10 am EDT / 5:10 GMT

First Quarter      - 22/Nov   

Full Moon           - 30/Nov  5:30 am EDT / 9:30 GMT

With a New Moon in Scorpio and a Full Moon in Gemini, this last complete moon cycle of 2020 is a strong opportunity to clear stagnant energies from your life. The next cycle will complete in 2021, so treat this as your chance to release all that no longer serves you and create space for new opportunities to manifest in your life.

Queen of the Night 

by Terry Webb Harshman


I am the moon, Queen of Night,

riddle wrapped in borrowed light,


a silver spool where dreams unwind,

ancient orb as old as time.


I masquerade; I wax and wane . . .

forever changing yet the same;

I stir the tides with unseen hands;

they ebb and flow from sea to sand.


Father Sun may keep the day;

I ride along the Milky Way . . .


holding court with owls and bats,

moles and voles and backstreet cats.


Within my tent the weary rest;

puppies doze and sparrows nest.


Children dream beneath my light . . .

I am the moon, Queen of Night.

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