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Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Alignment

My purpose and passion are to empower women through knowledge, wisdom, emotional support, spiritual healing, and re-connection to the Divine Feminine. As we begin to embody the feminine essence and resonate with the deepest source of power and wisdom we could possibly encounter, we discover our own inner knowing. As I travel the path of seeking deeper connection with my Feminine wisdom, I honor the path of all women.

I offer healing sessions using Shamanic practices and other healing techniques. As an initiated Priestess, I offer Womb Awakening activation, and Sacred Feminine Re-connection. A private 1 hour healing session can include soul retrieval, ancestral healing, chakra alignment, energetic unbloking and cleansing, and personal insights. Soul Retrievals are a shamanic practice and an alternative and shortcut to therapy, allowing deep traumas and pains to be released in one or a few sessions. Book a session here.

I lead women in Women's Circles and Moon Ceremonies. I host New Moon and Full Moon Ceremonies, creating a safe and sacred space for Women to connect with the Divine Feminine.  If you would like me to lead a group you are hosting, please email me with event info (location, length, number of attendees) for planning. If you would like to join an upcoming event, sign up for my newsletter to receive all the information.

I facilitate Rites of Passage with ceremonies to honor and mark life's important transitions: birth, puberty, marriage, becoming a mother; for women to feel blessed and belonging to a community that holds her. This practice can heal us deeply. Email me with event info (occasion, location, length, expected attendees), for pricing.

design personalized Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming treatments with medicinal herbal blends to address multiple gynecological issues, PMS symptoms, and maintain women's health. The session includes one phone consultation, one private steam session with one medicinal herbal blend individually selected for your needs, a Steaming Plan on paper designed uniquely for you to take home and follow the procedures, and guidelines and tips for optimizing your steaming treatment and experience. Click here to read more info or here to make an appointment.

I guide women in reclaiming the power of their Menstrual Cycle and syncing it with the Lunar cycle. I educate them about the bringing awareness to the messages each menstrual phases gives, and how to expand their intuition by discovering the sacredness of menstrual blood. Email me if you are interested and follow my newsletters.

If you would like more information about the offerings or if you have any questions, please reach out at I can customize most treatments and ceremonies beyond the descriptions in this site.


Vaginal steaming, also known as yoni steaming, is traditional in several cultures around the world: it's the practice of using the healing properties of plants on the reproductive organs. The skin soaks in the oils carried by the vapor and effectively treats bacterial infections, fungus, fibroids, cysts, fertility, hemorrhoids, manages PMS symptoms, cramps, postpartum care/complications, peri- and post-menopausal symptoms and more. The gentle yet potent work of the steam calms the nervous system, improves quality of sleep, and increases circulation. A medicinal herbal blend is individually selected to treat each woman's needs, as well as the protocol to use them. All blends were developed in partnership with a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and have a long successful history of curing women of an extensive list of issues.I became passionate about this practice after my personal experience treating postpartum discomforts ONE and HALF years after my son was born. And there are documented cases of women being healed 10 YEARS after the birth!Furthermore I closely supported a friend during her pre- and post-surgery process, when she had a fibroid the size of a melon removed. Originally two doctors recommended removing most of her reproductive system, which would have been a horrifying approach. Vaginal Steam is very effective at treating fibroids and I don't want another women to ever experience that helpless feeling. We have an affordable and effective tool that not only shows consistent results but also is empowering - you take care of your own body!!! Vaginal steam is an important practice for self-care and treatment of gynecological problems, from the first period to post-menopause.

You also have the option to take your vaginal steam session to the next level and combine it with spiritual work. Vaginal steam boosts relaxation and deepens the sense of wellness on an emotional, physical and spiritual level, creating a truly transcendental experience. Click here to book a session.


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