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Reconnection to the Divine Feminine

My purpose and passion are to empower women through knowledge, wisdom, emotional support, spiritual healing, and re-connection to the Divine Feminine. As we begin to embody the feminine essence and resonate with the deepest source of power and wisdom we could possibly encounter, we discover our own inner knowing. As I travel the path of seeking deeper connection with my Feminine wisdom, I honor the path of all women.

I offer healing sessions using traditional Shamanic practices and other healing techniques. As an initiated Priestess, I offer Womb Awakening activation, and reconnection Sacred Feminine. 

I lead women in Women's Circles and Moon Ceremonies. I host New Moon and Full Moon Ceremonies, creating a safe and sacred space for women to connect with the Divine Feminine. 

I facilitate Rites of Passage with ceremonies to honor and mark life's important transitions: birth, puberty, marriage, becoming a mother; for women to feel blessed and belonging to a community that holds her. This practice can heal us deeply.

design personalized Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming treatments with medicinal herbal blends to address multiple gynecological issues, PMS symptoms, and maintain women's health. The session includes one phone consultation, one private steam session with one medicinal herbal blend individually selected for your needs, a Steaming Plan on paper designed uniquely for you to take home and follow the procedures, and guidelines and tips for optimizing your steaming treatment and experience. 

I guide women in reclaiming the power of their Menstrual Cycle and syncing it with the Lunar cycle. I educate them about bringing awareness to the messages each menstrual phases gives, and how to expand their intuition by discovering the sacredness of menstrual blood.